This is the personal site of Edgar Román, a technology enthusiast in Washington, DC. I have experience in the software development world, focused recently on online video streaming and cloud services.

I’ve served as Senior Director of Product Development for the Public Broadcasting Service and have launched numerous streaming video services on web, mobile, and OTT platforms. I’m well-versed in network architecture with a focus on Information Security and High Availability. I have led development teams to create high-profile, strategic offerings for multiple companies such as AOL, HP and Symantec, in addition to PBS.


  • Software development in
    • Python
    • Django
    • Javascript
    • React
    • React Native
    • Expo for developing mobile apps
  • Information Security
  • Computer Networking
  • Cloud Computing
    • Especially in AWS
  • Serverless
    • Using Zappa with AWS Lambda
    • Google’s Firebase
  • Video encoding and streaming

Social Media and Background

Work history and whatnot can be found on LinkedIn

Public coding projects on Github

This blog

This blog currently is a static site generated by Hugo with a custom theme based on TailwindCSS. While I don’t really know a lot of Go, the Hugo tool:

  • Has few dependencies
    • and therefore will still work when revisting after a long time
  • Is fast
  • Flexible enough but not overly complex